Stories About God

The writers of these stories are people who have experienced Him and can tell us what He was like. So, what is God like? What do these stories have to tell us? Let's consider a few short extracts:

"An immense kindness radiated from Him, and I realized that this is what God is really like."

"That Reality was a total love of all things in heaven and earth."

"I was aware of a hand holding the whole world in its care, regardless of race, colour or creed, this was God caring for all His children."

I invite you to consider the following stories.

God saw that she was scared

This story is from a 59-year-old woman, frightened at an upcoming surgery. God saw that she was scared and alone, so He walked with her along the hallway. This is an excellent example of His thoughtfulness. I point out that He appeared unasked.

"I was desperately ill. I had received my 'pre-op' shot, which had not taken very well, and I remember the long 'trundle' through the hospital corridors to the operating theatre. I remember also thinking that it was probably my last conscious living journey and I felt terribly frightened and alone.

At some moment in time during that 'journey' I became conscious of a person additional to the hospital staff walking quietly beside me. I recognized Him at once - like an old, familiar, trusted friend, and I tried to say to Him, 'My Lord, you need not have come yourself, one of your angels would have been good enough for me.' He did not speak, but somehow I knew that all was well and I felt no more fear or pain. I had a long uphill road to complete recovery (seventeen years ago) but I never doubted that I would 'make it.' I shall also never again fear to walk in the valley of the shadow of death because I know I shall not walk alone."

This was a situation where God didn't really have to do anything; she was in the care of the hospital staff, so her medical needs would have been taken care of. But God saw that she was scared, so He appeared and walked with her to comfort her, and to let her know that all would be well. This is a perfect example of His kindness and consideration and thoughtfulness; the action of a kind, loving, thoughtful Father.
God touched her husband

The author of this account was a woman in a troubled marriage.

She wrote: "I walked to a nearby park, deeply troubled by the constant conflict with my husband, which seemed to have no end. I often go to this place to pray. One morning, after yet another endless argument, I sat down and began to pray and poured out my troubles to God. All at once, I felt a presence seated next to me, on my left, and saw with my mind's eye a tall, well built man wearing a brown robe.

I knew that this was God, and that He had heard my prayers and had come to comfort me. He listened patiently as I once more told Him of my frustration, and sadness, for a marriage gone bad, and my fears for the welfare of our small child.

He then said to me, 'I'm going to touch him.' I wasn't sure what this entailed, but I thanked Him and made my way back home.

I found a changed husband. Gone was the sullen, defiant, unyielding demeanor, and in its place there was a cheerful, happy smile. He saw me walking toward the house and actually smiled and waved a greeting. You may not realize how unusual this is. For the first time in months, we were able to discuss issues as a husband and wife ought to do.

A week or so later, I was again praying, and I asked Him what He did when He 'touched' my husband and brought about such a miraculous change. There was a smile, and He replied,

'I imparted love.'"

She yelled at God and threw a fit

The author of this story was a woman in her mid-forties from Southern California. She was married and had three grown children. Her experience took place while she was walking in the early evening around 7:30 pm. She wrote,

"While on vacation in Las Vegas my husband had a car accident. He went through the windshield of our car, had a massive head injury, and had to have a part of his brain removed. While staying there, I ran out of money. I had a check for a large sum of money but it was in my husband's name. I needed to cash it to pay the hotel bill and buy food.

I got a letter from the hospital explaining what had happened to my husband, and I took his ID and went to see if I could cash it. I had no car, and no money for food, and I was alone. I went to every place I could think of to try to cash this check and had no luck. It was cold and I was hungry and scared. I saw a church. I went in to ask if they might be able to cash it, or help me cash it, but no luck. I walked outside the church and it started to rain.

I yelled at God, 'I guess you think this is real funny. Isn't she a hoot? Let's see how she gets out of this one. What am I supposed to do now!!!??'

God spoke to my heart, 'Go to the Frontier Lounge, to the main cashier cage, and I will give you a favor.' I didn't hesitate. I looked to see if I could see the Frontier. It was about two blocks away, and across the street. I hurried there and gave the check to the woman in the cage, and I told her what I had been saying all day long. She looked at me and said, 'Sure honey, I'll cash that check.'

I started to cry and thank her and as I turned to leave I thanked God for what He had done and I asked Him why He had waited so long. He said, 'You had to come to the end of yourself first, because when I do something for someone I want them to know who has done it.'

I asked why He had done this for me when I had just yelled at Him and thrown a fit. He asked me to remember when my oldest son, a child at the time, told me he hated me. I had booted his little behind up the stairs, and when we reached his room, I knelt down and shook him and said, 'Don't tell momma you hate her. Momma loves you, momma will always love you!'

God spoke to my heart and said, 'Do you think you're any less of a child to me than he was to you? Don't tell God you hate Him. I love you. I will always love you.'"

Thank you Father, for letting me keep my baby

This author is a woman in her early fifties who lives in Texas. She has seven children and three grandchildren. She was 28-years old when she had her experience. She wrote,

"I was at home with my children, and the older four children were outside playing at a neighbors home while I tended my baby, then about five months old. I had just changed and dressed my youngest daughter, Becky. I put her on the living room floor after making sure it was clear of anything dangerous for a baby, i.e., small items or exposed outlets. I watched her for a few moments and then decided to go to the kitchen and make good use of the time to get some housework done.

As I started doing the dishes I remember I felt free of cares and even sang a little to assure Becky that I was just in the next room. About a quarter of the way through doing the dishes I had a sudden feeling that I should go around the corner in the next room and check on her. 'Nonsense' I told myself. 'I am just being silly.'

So I continued to wash the dishes. This time it was as if a voice sounded in my head and heart at the same time almost, 'Check on Becky,' the voice said. I closed my eyes for a second and shook my head trying to clear my thinking. Surely my over protectiveness was at work here. So I stubbornly continued to wash the dish in my hands.

'CHECK on Becky!' The voice repeated and this time I felt a distinct urgency and dropped what I was doing, even though I was convinced that worry was the only thing at work here, and maybe an overactive imagination. I walked into the living room and did not see her. I began calling her name and quickly panicked. I went through the room, searching frantically, looking everywhere and suddenly I heard the faintest of sounds coming from behind one of the huge chairs.

When I reached her she was not breathing, and though scared almost thoughtless, I picked her up and turned her over on my knee and patted her on the back. I just knew she must have something in her mouth, but what?? I had cleaned that room spotless earlier and there couldn't possibly be anything there to cause this. I turned her around and ran my finger inside of her mouth. Out came a small metal jack toy! She immediately inhaled a big gulp of air and let out a lusty cry.

I shook with relief at that wonderful sound and gathered her up tightly in my arms. 'Oh God', I thought, 'how could that happen here? Thank you, Father, for such mercy and letting me keep my baby!' For I knew in that instant that He had allowed me that connection with Him to take care of her before it was too late.

But I had never allowed my children to even own such toys. How did it get into my house?"

Well, goodbye Mom, you sure were a good mom

This account is from a woman in her mid-fifties, a Medical Technologist working in a hospital. The event occurred some ten years ago. I point out that God's help was unasked. She wrote,
"As part of my job in a hospital, I was called to the room of a badly injured woman in the ICU. She had been in a car accident with a drunk driver and was not expected to live. She was so badly injured that recovery was hopeless. When I entered the room, the husband and doctors were arguing about whether surgery would help her. The husband wanted them to operate but the doctors were reluctant to do so. I waited as the argument went on.

Then I felt someone come up behind me. A little boy, probably about eight years old, was standing there. I asked if she was his mother and he said 'yes.' He asked about a bruise on her hand and wanted to know if it hurt. I said it probably didn't. Not knowing what else to say, I turned away.

Then I felt a whack on the back of my head. I turned thinking that the child had hit me, but he was just standing there looking at his mother's hand. I then heard a voice, which I recognized as God's, saying with great intensity and urgency, 'HELP HIM.' I realized that the boy wanted to hold his mother's hand but was afraid that he would hurt her. I showed him how to hold her hand avoiding the bruise and the I.V. line. I suggested that he talk to her. Because of the crowd in the room, he was reluctant but I assured him that it was OK. He asked what he should say and I suggested that he tell her that he loved her and was sorry that she got hurt.

I turned my back to give him a bit of privacy and he said, 'Well, goodbye, mom. You sure were a good mom. I sure am going to miss you.'

Through my tears, I did not hear anything more. Everyone in the room, her husband, five doctors, one nurse, and me, stopped talking and burst into tears while this little boy told his mother goodbye.

She died soon afterwards and I will always be grateful that God whacked me to get my attention and told me to help this little boy when he needed help so desperately."

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